Code sprint

March 15 update: We have uploaded the graphic resources used for producing the cards and task sheets for remixing: Google Drive Files  (InDesign sorry)


Sunday 16 update: Thanks for all the Drupal-love we've received for the Valentines Day sprint-task-cards! The exercises and instructions are online here, and we are working on extracting the print resources for full open-saucy sharing ASAP. When available I'll post it all on this page - dman



DrupalSouth opens on Valentine's Day, Friday the 14th of February. Show your love for the Drupal project and come along the code sprint and help make Drupal better.
You don't have to be a PHP developer to contribute. There are lots of areas to contribute including front-javascript, backend documentation, end user testing, bug verification and general quality assurance. A code sprint is a great way to get started with Drupal contribution and anyone can do it. Sprint Mentors will be available to help you get started with Drupal contributions.

Fact sheet

  • When

    14 February 2014, from 10:00am to around 5:00pm. You don't have to stay the full time, so do drop in!
    Helpers and volunteers from 9:00am

  • Where to go

    Te Papa, ICON lounge

  • What to expect

    The Drupal South Code Sprint 2014 will focus on getting people involved in testing and resolving issues in Drupal 8 core. (If you have organised collaboration on Drupal7 or contrib projects, we’ll find you a space, but the mentoring is for Drupal8.) There are tasks open for non-coders, like adding screenshots of UI changes, up to serious coding work.

  • What to bring and how to prepare

    A laptop is pretty neccessary, though there are even useful tasks suitable for tablet users.
    Sign up on and check out DrupalLadder for some starter tutorials .

    There will be help for total newbies… but
    A working local development environment will speed things up
    If you have a current version of Drupal8 we only need to plug you in and you are ready to go. It would be really helpful if you downloaded and installed the required tools before you arrive.

    We have prepared a number of streams that can help you join in no matter what your experience level - Check out the DrupalSouth 2014 code sprint tasks for an idea on how to get started! 

  • Who to talk to

    • Dman (Mentor) will help you with HowTo questions
    • Heike (Minion) will help to get you going
    • Talk to each other in person or on irc:// All sprinters should be signed in to IRC while working.

Want to Help?

We want you to help! We need volunteers on the day.
You don't need to commit the whole day, you can also just turn up and help where you can.

If you are interested or able (preferably both) to : help people set up a local development environment, to find their way through Drupal issue queues, to patch or run tests, to review open issues and find easy tasks, or to use the drupalmentoring issue tracker. Heck, if you can just help people read or follow instructions and give them confidence to join in - you are already mentor material!

If that sounds like you, we'd love you to drop a quick email to now so we can get an idea of numbers. There may even be special swag for registered mentors!

Want more?

Step-by-step instructions for part of the core sprint are in the core mentoring area of and split by skillset. For an idea of the many different tasks that need to be done start with the new contributors page. You can also have a look at the list of open tasks on

For the DrupalSouth 2014 core code sprint, we have prepared a number of key tasks and helpful links to instructions that you can get started with, Have a look at what we will be doing on that page.

Mentor and Organiser advice is also a good place to start if you are planning to help out.

Come back and check this page we will post regular updates.

See you on February 14th!