Code Sprint Tasks

A Core Code Sprint is about getting everyone involved, and improving the next version of Drupal.
We also want to make it fun and help people learn how to participate, so here are some of the tasks you can start on to become a real Drupal Rockstar!

March 26 update: Along with the Acquia Podcast by JAM about our sprint, and as a result of the Drupal8NZ Sprint, a re-usable version of the task cards and badges is available in 2 parts, cards and badges. Or find SVG of these here.

March 15 update: We have uploaded the graphic resources used for producing the cards and task sheets for remixing: Google Drive Files  (InDesign sorry)

We can use #drupalsouth on IRC (freenode), to keep the chatter in the room - but feel free to join the others like #drupal and #drupal-contribute also!

We have prepared a number of Achievements you can reach! There are (very small) prizes, there are awards, there are bragging rights to be had. But you don't have to play if you don't want to.

The Rules

Achievements are earned only if you've done the task for the first time ever during the sprint (or the rest of the conference - you can earn the upskill throughout the rest of the weekend also).

However, bonus tasks within each discipline can still be achieved even if you already meet the base criteria! Each bonus task also earns a point.

The sprint is about Drupal8 ONLY, so the tasks reflect Drupal8 core work, but can include Drupal8 contrib as well.

Choose from one of the streams below and get started! Or just dive in and help someone else who is trying to learn something you already know,

Do you want to become a better Community Contributor, Developer, Builder, Tester, or Patcher?


Community Contributor

To get the “I’m a Drupal8 Community Contributor” badge

There are a bunch of ways to contribute, not all require heavy code. Follow the links for further instructions.

Complete ANY of

Bonus tasks



To get the “I’m a Drupal8 Developer” badge

Prerequisites: need to be able to install applications, type, and read instructions.

Complete ALL of

Fuurther instructions for setting up a dev environment for Drupal: or step-by-step tutorials at DrupalLadder

Bonus tasks


To get the “I’m a Drupal8 Site-Builder“ badge

Prerequisites : Have some familiarity with Drupal 6 or 7 terminology.

Set-up a D8 test site on  (or your own development environment)

Get familiar with Drupal 8 by doing:

All of:

  • The project is "drupal core" - scroll down the version list to find "8.x" towards the bottom. - This will launch a scratch site for you.

  • Add ‘Basic page’ to main menu

  • Add one ‘Article’

  • Set-up ‘View’ for your ‘Article’

  • Set-up new ‘Taxonomy’. Add ‘Terms’

  • Add ‘Taxonomy’ to ‘Article’ content type

  • Add one ‘Custom block’. Display in sidebar


  • Set-up new content type. Add content.

  • Add View mode. Use in your Article view.

On ​ you only have half an hour to play around, so your task is to do the above within that time limit!



To get the “I’m a Drupal8 Tester” badge

Prerequisites: need to be comfortable with basic Git and PHP, and able to learn ‘patch’ procedure.

(Shortcut! Using to run tests counts!)

Complete ALL of

  • Successfully apply a pending core patch to a current git checkout of Drupal8.

  • Run *some* of the suite of automated tests using the core testing framework.

  • Add a comment to an open issue detailing your results - even just “works for me” after running a pending patch.

Bonus tasks

  • Write or update a test for an existing “needs test” core issue and submit it back.

  • Trial an upgrade migration of any Drupal7 site to Drupal8 and locate or report issues.


To use to test a core patch:

  • At enter “Drupal core” but scroll down the versions to find branch 8.x

  • Expand the “Advanced options” and “Add a patch”. Enter the direct URL of the patch file to test.

  • “Launch Sandbox and bootstrap the site. You should probably be able to startup with minimal if you wish.


Even if not using simpletest and running tests locally:

  • On startup, under /admin/modules enable the additional module ‘testing’

  • Locate “run tests” and select just a few - don’t do all as it will take an hour.


To get the “I’m a Drupal8 Patcher” badge

Prerequisites: basic “Developer” and “Tester” abilities.

ANY of

Bonus tasks

  • Have one of your patches in the core issue queue moved to RTBC.

  • Have one of your patches in the core issue queue committed!