The GLAM Question: How Drupal Can Answer The Big Data Problem

Drupal is a great editor's tool and datastore. It is a powerful integration tool. With the addition of existing modules you can expose culturally significant archives to (and from) your Drupal site.

This session looks at the value universities, galleries, libraries, archives and museums (the GLAM sector) can get out of creating or interoperating with archives in Drupal. We've done a bunch of work with the University of New South Wales, the Australian Government and University Newcastle in building archives that have two main purposes:

* To collate disparate research and make it available to the community for research, ingestion and mashing.
* To capitalise on the value of audiovisual research – in particular to identify significance and provide academic citations in audiovisual based research outcomes.

This session is an overview and assessment of the overarching concepts in metadata harvesting and the available standards and tools. It looks at some practical examples and use cases.

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