Case Study: Māori Television


A case study on the Drupal 7 development of This was a custom built website that replaced the legacy dot NET build. The new website is a responsive, multi-lingual video streaming site.

Who this session is for

Drupal developers and also business managers looking to see how a large complex and real time site works under the covers. This case study will show how the more tricky parts of the build were developed, and highlight modules that worked, as well as others that did not.

Covered in the session

  • Responsive design - what worked, what did not, and lessons learned
  • Multi-lingual - how this was integrated and what modules were used
  • Integration with Brightcove - how we integrated the third party video provider, and how the API is being used
  • TV schedule - why this is now on the third re-write
  • SEO - what practises were used to tame the markup, and what worked well here
  • Performance - what optimisations were made, what modules were used and thoughts on the difference approaches

About the presenter

Sean Hamlin (@wiifm):

  • has been working with Drupal for over 6 years
  • contributed several modules, and dozens of patches upstream (including core)

Update 15 February 2014

Slides are now up online at (google docs) or (speaker deck)

Coding & Development
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