Accessibility Is Not Disability


The web is about information sharing. Why make it hard for users to access your content. Release your site from bad building practices, make it equal access for all and get SEO benefits for free.

Get through to the disabled community

By breaking down disability barriers you open up your content to a wider community currently 600,000+ in NZ.

There are definite dos and don’ts when it comes to building for the disabled. Learn what works for them.

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Gareth; There seem to be two proposals/ideas here; One about accessibility, and another about usability and training content administrators to understand content relationships. Was your intention to cover both topics in one presentation? I think this is too much content for one presentation. Would you be okay doing accessibility as it's own presentation? Or Usability/training as it's own? (Note that we would only pick one or the other—not both).


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