Drupal in Australia & NZ

Find out more about the burgeoning Drupal Community down under.

You're probably already aware of the history of Drupal, so here's a little bit about the history of Drupal in Australia and New Zealand.

The story of who first broke ground with Drupal Downunder and when is a tale of legend, steeped in mystery and full of adventure. The truth is: No one really knows. What we do know is currently there are local Drupal groups in every major city in Australia, plus some in not-so-major cities; a nationwide community in New Zealand with meetups in most major cities; and an ever-growing demand for Drupal services in both countries.

Some Drupalers have been meeting for heated Drupal debates since 2004. Drupal Camps have been going on since 2008, and now we have a supportive and communicative multi-nation Drupal community representing Down Under.

A quick timeline of Drupal down under:

  • Circa-2003: geeks in their homes begin to discover the power of Belgian CMS technology
  • 2007: Drupalers begin to gather in organised meetups
  • 2008: The first Drupal camp in the region
  • 2009 - 2010: Steady uptake of Drupal across all sectors
  • 2011: The first multi-nation Drupal gathering - Drupal Downunder Brisbane
  • 2012: Wow, that was awesome! Let's do it again - Drupal Downunder Melbourne
  • Today: Serious demand for Drupal services everywhere you look!

More and more organisations in Australia and New Zealand are turning to Drupal for their online presence. Some examples include: