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A Tour Of The Tour Module nick_schuch

This talk's goal is to inspire developers to start contributing tours to both Drupal 8 core and contrib.

Accessibility Is Not Disability garethhallnz


The web is about information sharing. Why make it hard for users to access your content. Release your site from bad building practices, make it equal access for all and get...

Adapting to the Enterprise zzrwood

A little fish in a big pond - the challenges of adopting Drupal in large scale sites and in meeting enterprise requirements for security, deployment, integration, accessibility, and more.

Better User Experience Through Personalisation [FEATURED] davidseth

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Building Amazing Searches with Search API drunken monkey

In this session I will show you how to easily set up an amazing search on your site with the Search API module,...

Can I TWIG It? Yes, You Can! mortendk

The Themers of Drupal have for years been whining & moaning over the bad markup, confusing theme functionality, Drupals lack of separation from the frontend to the backend and generally WTF...

Case Study: Māori Television wiifm

A case study on the Drupal 7 development of This was a custom built website that replaced the legacy...

Case Study: Sydney Living Museums daniel.tome

Showcasing how Sydney Living Museums migrated from Squiz to Drupal 7 and Acquia Cloud.

Case Study: University Of Queensland's Drupal Platform firecannon

We recently implemented Drupal at The University of Queensland with a team of 2.5, and achieved some incredible results on a small budget and tight deadlines.

Collaboration As Marketing: Making Your Drupal Product A Hit Owen Lansbury

The traditional product release model keeps everything under wraps from potential customers until the eleventh hour, finally revealed with a grand announcement and expensive marketing spend, with...

Cross Browser Testing With SauceLabs And Selenium Scott Whittaker

Cross-browser testing has always been a headache, and in todays world of mobile devices and tablets there are more combinations of devices, operating systems, browsers and versions than ever...

Drupal At The ANU College Of Law fionamccaskill

In 2010, the ANU College of Law migrated from a proprietary software environment to an open source Drupal environment. The project started slowly, encountering staff resistance to change from a...

Drupal in the Public Sector Down Under [FEATURED] dman

I will discuss the Drupal roadmap for the local development community to share their recipes for government website solution, construct a common platform, and then move on to adding real value,...

Everything You Wanted To Know About Drupal 8 But Were Too Afraid To Ask [FEATURED] larowlan, kim.pepper

Drupal 8 is coming and brings with it new challenges, opportunities and mindsets for Drupal developers.

Features 101: A Beginners Guide To Configuration Management [FEATURED] Deciphered

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For The Love Of The Content Editors [FEATURED] pameeela

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Form Enhances Function: How Design Can Improve User Experience keyhitman

Meet another Drupal person and one of the first things you will be asked is ‘backend or frontend?’ There is a well known distinction made between these two roles, and not just in Drupal but in the...

Foundation vs Bootstrap Death Match: Responsive Frameworks in Drupal VladimirAus

No more of that that Bartik or lack of CSS standard Drupal look! Popular responsive frameworks used for prototyping and web application front end are now available as Drupal themes!

Geospatial Drupal: Mapping Without Coding acbramley

This session uses my experience with the Openlayers & Leaflet modules in Drupal 7 to show you how easy it is to build content rich, dynamic, searchable, and filterable maps with little to no...

Getting Inside Client's Heads - Mindreading 101 RumpledElf

Potential clients come to you, demanding that you make them "a website". They clearly have an idea in their head, but often can't articulate exactly what they need.

Hiring Bigfoot: Identifying Talent & Evaluating Drupal Skills rcross

The highly sought after Drupal expert can be an elusive and mysterious creature. Unlike the mythical yeti or drop bear, they do exist.

How To Not Fail On Launch typhonius

Launch day can be a stressful time for the stakeholders of an organisation.

I'm A Site Builder, Not A Nerd kaybee57

Would you like to build Drupal websites from scratch when you are not a 'nerd', don't understand coding or PHP, you're not overly sure how to install modules and themes easily and it becomes all...

jQuery for Designers & Themers Bevan

Small non-intrusive animations and interactions can greatly enhance the user experience and impress website visitors and clients.

Making Your Front End Workflow Awesome [FEATURED] kitt

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Managing Complex Projects with Design Components [FEATURED] JohnAlbin

Our CSS sucks. We've been building sites for over a decade using crappy, ornamentation techniques and shoddy selectors. Our styles unintentional bleed across the site.

Migrate in core chx

The Migrate contrib project is great, many have used it before and it has brought some huge sites over to the Drupal side :) There was a lot of talk about replacing the upgrade path with it during...

Multilingual Site Setup and Management jlabrum, lvandenberg

Multilingual was an afterthought in the design of Drupal 7. Luckily, there has been a significant effort within the community that now makes it possible and even simple.

Panopoly: Magical Mystery Tour kattekrab

Panopoly is a Drupal Distribution that gives you a massive head start when building a new Drupal site. This session explores the Panopoly learning curve. We'll explore its key features, quirks and...

Scaling Drupal with MariaDB Galera Clustering

You can have more web servers. With Drupal 7 you can also add (more) database slaves for reading. But how do you scale your database writes?
In a nutshell, database writes are the next...

The Evolution of Media Creators on Drupal emmadavidson

Moving from a print-focused media environment to the online, interactive media landscape can be a big change for content creators and consumers. Doing it in Drupal can make the transition easier,...

The GLAM Question: How Drupal Can Answer The Big Data Problem queenvictoria

Drupal is a great editor's tool and datastore. It is a powerful integration tool. With the addition of existing modules you can expose culturally significant archives to (and from) your Drupal...

Try Before You Buy: User Provisioned Sites Targeting Multiple Hosting Providers marji, murrayw

Would you like to let your users easily provision a website for themselves to try out? Would you like to have a choice of platforms which to target?

UX Spaces: A New Approach To Website Design And Development xtfer

Drupal gives us a range of powerful tools for structuring and presenting content, but relying on these can produce bland, list-driven websites.

Wax On, Wax Off: The Tao Of Polishing Your Modules [FEATURED] RdeBoer

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Web Stacks For Local Development realityloop

One of the main groups of tools we use every day is the web stack, it can have a significant yet often not calculated cost on our productivity.