Proposed Sessions

Adapting to the Enterprise

A little fish in a big pond - the challenges of adopting Drupal in large scale sites and in meeting enterprise requirements for security, deployment, integration, accessibility, and more.

jQuery for Designers & Themers

Small non-intrusive animations and interactions can greatly enhance the user experience and impress website visitors and clients.

Managing Complex Projects with Design Components [FEATURED]

Our CSS sucks. We've been building sites for over a decade using crappy, ornamentation techniques and shoddy selectors. Our styles unintentional bleed across the site.

Drupal-Focused UX Design And Research Techniques
Anand Vasan

Introduction to UX design and research techniques that will transform the way you think about Drupal menus, taxonomies and users.

Content is still king, and navigation systems are still an...

Hiring Bigfoot: Identifying Talent & Evaluating Drupal Skills

The highly sought after Drupal expert can be an elusive and mysterious creature. Unlike the mythical yeti or drop bear, they do exist.

D8CX - Are you ready?
rcross, kscheirer

By the time DrupalSouth rolls around, D8 should be near release. Forget about Core! As a module maintainer or site builder, will your contrib modules be ready?

This session will cover:

Wax On, Wax Off: The Tao Of Polishing Your Modules [FEATURED]

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Journey to the center of the Drupalicon (Learning Drupal for fun and profit)

This session will cover the different ways you can learn drupal and the experience of making Drupal your career.

The Art & Magic of Module Selection

You're stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to community modules. They're awesome and free but picking the right one can take a lot of trial and error.

Getting Inside Client's Heads - Mindreading 101

Potential clients come to you, demanding that you make them "a website". They clearly have an idea in their head, but often can't articulate exactly what they need.

I’M HUNGRY! : The care and feeding of your website

Is your website hungry for content? ALWAYS!
Are you starving your website by not updating it regularly? Don’t be ashamed!

Using Drupal 7 as a framework

In this session, I'll run through a worked example of using Drupal 7 as a framework for adding/editing/deleting data for a non-Drupal web application,

Zen & The Art of Drupal Maintenance

Maintaining a Drupal website isn’t necessarily the difficult task it used to be. There are all kinds of tools available to help you get the job done, and plenty of advice out there that will help...

Real Time Mobile Ecommerce

Tired of waiting in line? Sick of having to plan your events far in advance? Luna Park have been listening and launched the first real-time, mobile e-commerce system built on open, web-standards (...


If you sell to developers you need to focus on your Developer Experience.(DX) HINT: It's more than buying the pizza for a hack-a-thon. It's more than a cool T-Shirt or sticker. DX is about showing...

Developing with the Search API (in Drupal 7 and beyond)
drunken monkey

In this session I will give an introduction to development with the Search API and related modules, first explaining its basic...

Building Amazing Searches with Search API
drunken monkey

In this session I will show you how to easily set up an amazing search on your site with the Search API module,...

Future-proof your Drupal 7 site
Dave Reid

Drupal 8 is coming! But what decisions can you make now on your current or new Drupal 7 sites to make transitioning to Drupal 8 easier? Dave will cover new features available in Drupal 8, and how...

Tourism, Drupal and Community

Tourism connects people from all walks of life. Governments around the world recognise the importance of sustainable tourism in planning and strategic economic development.

How To Not Fail On Launch

Launch day can be a stressful time for the stakeholders of an organisation.

Building Real World Communities with Drupal

Hi there you wonderful Drupal organisers

Many sites, one Drupal

For large organisations with a lot of divisions, Universities with numerous faculties or even just a sole developer wanting to host a lot of sites, site management, module updates and time spent...

MySQL Performance, Availability and Backup

This session will cover various MySQL tips and tricks with a focus towards Drupal deployments.

How to be a Self-Rescuing Princess: Troubleshooting-101
ChrisO, domesticat

The day everyone dreads is The Day You Break It. The site is down, your boss is on the phone, and you've got to get it fixed -- five minutes ago. How do you start fixing the problem when you don't...

There is no Try, there is only Scrum, and Scrum not.

Agile methodologies have swept the world of software development, and Scrum is one of the most popular forms.

The state of D8 and how to make it awesomely usable more rapidly.

“When is D8 ready” is a question on everybody’s mind. The release of D8 in 2014 will certainly be an enormous milestone. But ultimately it is not the event that your business or...

Writing Unit Testable Code in Drupal 8

As a developer, you want to know that your code does what it's supposed to do, in every possible scenario. You also want to know your code can be reliably reused in contexts that you have not...

How Everything is Connected - Drupal 8 and

The world is complex and is full of connections and relationships amongst "real things". The web is complex and full of links between text, video and images.

The Evolution of Media Creators on Drupal

Moving from a print-focused media environment to the online, interactive media landscape can be a big change for content creators and consumers. Doing it in Drupal can make the transition easier,...

Case Study: Sydney Living Museums

Showcasing how Sydney Living Museums migrated from Squiz to Drupal 7 and Acquia Cloud.

Try Before You Buy: User Provisioned Sites Targeting Multiple Hosting Providers
marji, murrayw

Would you like to let your users easily provision a website for themselves to try out? Would you like to have a choice of platforms which to target?

Better User Experience Through Personalisation [FEATURED]

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Working in Teams - Software/Services for collaboration

During this session, we talk briefly about the variety of services Webscope use on a day to day basis. We use a large number of collaborative tools to help keep projects ticking over whether...

Using branch-based development to improve the quality and speed of your Drupal builds.

One of the biggest challenges that face Drupal development teams (whether they know it or not) is how to effectively manage code.

Drupal 8 Multilingual Awesomeness

If you've heard anything about Drupal 8, I'm sure you know that building multilingual sites will be so (SO!) much easier. You won't need 20+ community modules like in Drupal 7 to make everything...

Sass - building css smarter and faster

A demo of sass - css preprocessor and how it can be used to create css smarter and faster. A real hands on code demonstration of the power of sass and it's best features. Beginner through to...

Multilingual Site Setup and Management
jlabrum, lvandenberg

Multilingual was an afterthought in the design of Drupal 7. Luckily, there has been a significant effort within the community that now makes it possible and even simple.

Can I TWIG It? Yes, You Can!

The Themers of Drupal have for years been whining & moaning over the bad markup, confusing theme functionality, Drupals lack of separation from the frontend to the backend and generally WTF...

On the reliable deployment of enhancements to live sites

So, you got the first cut of your website up in the cloud…. Congrats! But how are you going to merge the next batch of revisions of code, content and configurations, with your client's ever-...

Scaling Drupal with MariaDB Galera Clustering

You can have more web servers. With Drupal 7 you can also add (more) database slaves for reading. But how do you scale your database writes?
In a nutshell, database writes are the next...

How to: Structured and consistent content that looks great too!

You don’t have to be a coder to get awesome looking content structure.

Drupal in the Public Sector Down Under [FEATURED]

I will discuss the Drupal roadmap for the local development community to share their recipes for government website solution, construct a common platform, and then move on to adding real value,...

Wholeheart Content: The key to every web project

To be completely whole-hearted, there is a need for giving up of control. By letting go of our usual ways of holding back and protecting ourselves and our teams, we free ourselves to express our...

Drupal 8 Ready

What are the core skills, tools and practices you will need to be Drupal 8 ready? How do you get them now?

Power of Drupal 8 web services for web & mobile applications

With web services in version 8 core, Drupal can act purely as REST server. From here the sky is the limit for web applications with popular Foundation and Angular JavaScript frameworks.

Foundation vs Bootstrap Death Match: Responsive Frameworks in Drupal

No more of that that Bartik or lack of CSS standard Drupal look! Popular responsive frameworks used for prototyping and web application front end are now available as Drupal themes!

Drupal Commerce how-tos
mkudenko, alvaxet

There have been many presentations and screencasts on how to quickly build an e-commerce website, using Drupal Commerce.

Flight Centre: The Journey so far

We originally performed a session at DrupalCon Sydney, this session will be an update on the progress so far on the Drupal journey at Flight Centre.

Case Study: Māori Television

A case study on the Drupal 7 development of This was a custom built website that replaced the legacy...

Geospatial Drupal: Mapping Without Coding

This session uses my experience with the Openlayers & Leaflet modules in Drupal 7 to show you how easy it is to build content rich, dynamic, searchable, and filterable maps with little to no...