Friday Schedule


The DrupalSouth Business day in a one-day business event which will be held on Friday, the 14th, February at the Te Papa Museum. This event is primarily aimed at business leaders who are evaluating, use or provide Drupal services. Join us for a candid peer discussion and networking with other Drupal executives.

Get a solid introduction to Drupal 7 with this globally recognised introductory course that's been taken by thousands of people around the world, presented by PreviousNext.

At the end of this course you will have created a fully functioning Drupal 7 site that is extendible, secure and contains a reusable suite of components with the flexibility to accommodate future requirements.  It will open your imagination as to what is possible with Drupal 7.

You've just been handed a gorgeous, static Photoshop file. By tomorrow it needs to be a responsive, extensible, and compatible Drupal theme for some Web site you've never seen. *gulp* No worries!

DrupalSouth opens on Valentine's Day, Friday the 14th of February. Show your love for the Drupal project and come along the code sprint and help make Drupal better. You don't have to be a PHP developer to contribute. There are lots of areas to contribute