Better User Experience Through Personalisation [FEATURED]

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Personalisation means better communication to your site visitors. We all know that one size doesn't fit all and this is very true for content. A message that is important to me might be of no consequence to you. Many competing CMS systems have built-in Personalisation. These are powerful, but often complex beasts; yet many clients want this power. How can this be achieved in Drupal? How can Drupal do it better than the other big, expensive, proprietary systems? I will present the latest techniques in the personalisation space and how they can be deeply integrated into your Drupal website. Topics Covered:

  • Explicit Personalisation (logged in users)
  • Implicit Personalisation (anonymous users)
  • Presenting content to users based on:
    • geo-location
    • user device
    • time-of-day
    • time-of-week
    • browsing patterns
    • and more...
  • Keeping Drupal fast
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