Drupal in the Public Sector Down Under [FEATURED]

We know that Drupal is already a major player in Government and related websites and services in New Zealand and Australia.

We know that many of the requirements that these public sector clients have (Security, Archiving, Privacy, Functionality) are very similar, and many of us are tired of the lengthy RFP process for IT acquisition that comes with these contracts.

We know that the Drupal development community can get together and provide a consistent, re-usable solution to this challenge. We have the tools, we have the skills, we have the market niche!

There are a few interesting install profiles already out there to experiment with -
We can look at aGov from PreviousNext, OpenPublic from Phase2, DKAN which is a rebuild of the data.gov.uk engine, and things like that.
We can then extend it with some localized extras (eg NZs RealMe single sign-on, or Maori language support).

Interested parties can come together and present a united "Drupal Solution" that already meets the requirements that we have solved for individual government agencies.

Although I'm a dev, and can talk to the tools and techniques I've experimented with to deliver this dream - this is mainly a strategy talk, and should be of interest to anyone looking at the current web development landscape in this region.

dman has been building Government websites in Drupal since Version 4.x, and has been helping people in the forums daily since then. With several thousand d.o issues touched (not counting the spam deleted as a d.o moderator and documentation manage), 1.5 thousand commits on maintained or contrib modules (plus a little core) dman was the highest-ranking Kiwi Drupalista according to CertifiedToRock ... until Bevan came back to the country anyway :-)

He devotes a stupid amount of his spare time working on Web Standards and adoption of tools for Open Source and Open Data - sometimes surreptitiously - on the NZ government websites he consults on and leads development in.

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I'm talking to some folk from the other side of the tracks, and I'm hoping to pull in someone from the client/acquisitions side to co-present the other side of this picture too.
I believe that the Drupal community can provide what is needed - but it also helps to talk about what is *wanted* ... as well as touch on a few of the ways that it's not always that easy.