How To Not Fail On Launch

Launch day can be a stressful time for the stakeholders of an organisation. From the developers and themers who created the site, editors who created the content, CIOs/CTOs in charge of the whole process and potentially financiers and investors in the business, the onus is on everyone to have a successful launch.

With the recent debacle highlighting the importance of the need to pro-actively plan throughout the course of development for launch. This session focuses on the ways a site can be prepared for the wild in a strategic and planned fashion rather than as an afterthought 8 hours before DNS cutover.

Having overseen and in some cases having had to jump in and actively work to keep an ailing site up whilst working for Acquia, I've become well accustomed to what makes a launch successful... or not.

In this talk I'll be discussing:

  • Some of the low hanging fruit that are easily achievable as site savers
  • How load testing is an essential part of a successful launch
  • How agile development methodologies can assist with ensuring rapid turn-around post launch
  • Common mistakes made that can have major impacts

This session is appropriate for:

  • Companies on the brink of launch
  • Key decision makers looking to ensure their team is aware of pitfalls that exist
  • Self hosted individuals investigating the benefits of hosting in a managed environment
Business & Strategy
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