Behat, the lazy developer's best friend

New functionality.
All things that can break existing functionality.
But can you really be bothered clicking through the site making sure everything still works the way it should?
Programmers are inherently lazy.
If you're like me you're probably thinking "can't somebody else do it".
Well the good news is, somebody else can, in this case - a bot.
Behat is a PHP implementation of the cucumber syntax.
It allows you to write acceptance tests in plain English.
Behat lowers the barrier to adding acceptance tests for project features.
Who this session is for
Quality is everyone's business and Behat makes it easy for users of all skill-levels, including business/product owners, to write acceptance tests.
With cucumber syntax under the hood, you can even specify your acceptance criteria as tests.
Covered in the session
Coding and configuration to protect against common threats such as:

  • Getting started with Behat
  • Writing and running tests
  • Cucumber syntax
  • Drupal integration
  • Custom step definitions
  • Putting it all together with CI integration

About the presenter
Lee Rowlands (larowlan):

  • has been working with Drupal for over 5 years;
  • is a member of the Drupal security team;
  • is a top-20 contributor to Drupal 8 core; and
  • is the core maintainer of comment, forum and custom block modules
Coding & Development
Experience level: