How to be a Self-Rescuing Princess: Troubleshooting-101

The day everyone dreads is The Day You Break It. The site is down, your boss is on the phone, and you've got to get it fixed -- five minutes ago. How do you start fixing the problem when you don't even know what the problem IS yet? Where do you look? What do you check for? How do you set right what once went wrong? How do you set yourself up for fewer, shorter, less painful fails in the future?

We'll talk about:

  • how asking the right questions can lead you to better answers, more quickly
  • where your server stores information that can help you, and what log files you should have enabled
  • how to use your local machine to run diagnostics
  • what third-party tools can help you run tests you shouldn't run on your live site
  • what you can do to make future disasters less likely, and easier to recover from when they do happen

Hear real troubleshooting procedures from two people who spent years in the trenches as solo developers and Drupal support staffers. Since joining Acquia's support team, they have successfully closed over 2500 Drupal support tickets raised by freelancers, Drupal agencies and in-house teams at multinational enterprises.

This session is appropriate for:

  • developers who reluctantly maintain their own VPS
  • site maintainers who need to go past Drupal’s user interface when troubleshooting problems
  • site maintainers who work as part of a team, and may be fixing problems relating to code or development decisions made by other people
  • Site owners who want to learn how to identify partners and developers who are more likely to keep their site alive and healthy
Coding & Development
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