Cross Browser Testing With SauceLabs And Selenium

Cross-browser testing has always been a headache, and in todays world of mobile devices and tablets there are more combinations of devices, operating systems, browsers and versions than ever before. Most web developers don't even have access to all these platforms let alone test on them.

In this session we demonstrate how SauceLabs provides virtual devices to test on, how a test can be recorded with Selenium and played back on other platforms using SauceLabs to automate testing.

  • What is SauceLabs
  • Manual testing
  • Selenium
  • Getting a Selenium test into SauceLabs
  • Automated testing

(notes: this could possibly be a candidate for the Business & Strategy track if not Site Building. SauceLabs is a commercial product but is quite affordable for small businesses. We have no affiliation with SauceLabs. Interaction with the Saucelabs website will be pre-recorded to remove need for live internet connection)

Experience level: 
Scott Whittaker



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