Form Enhances Function: How Design Can Improve User Experience

Meet another Drupal person and one of the first things you will be asked is ‘backend or frontend?’ There is a well known distinction made between these two roles, and not just in Drupal but in the general web design and development field.

Even the terms design and development are seen as separate areas of the web, and there is some truth to that. But we cannot assume and accept that there exists a line of demarcation. Aimed at site-builders, developers and project managers, this session aims to posit the following:

that rather than seeing design and development as separate and independent processes, we should view these as complementing each other. But more importantly, we need to understand that they enhance each other. They should not be viewed as a tension between art and science for there is a bit of both in each of them. In short, while form follows function, form also enhances function.

What will be covered in this session? Things such as:

  • the principles of visual design
  • how to use typography to enhance functionality
  • what governs the look and feel of your website

Why is this important? Once we understand better this beautiful relationship between design & development:

  1. our websites will look and function better
  2. our processes will be smoother
  3. our team will work well together ( for they will understand each other’s roles better)

And you will get to exercise both your so-called left and right brains.

Experience level: