Foundation vs Bootstrap Death Match: Responsive Frameworks in Drupal

Foundation and Bootstrap are the leading popular responsive front end frameworks. They are used by large and small projects around the world to build prototypes as well as to act as a front end to web applications. With some minor differences, both frameworks consist of three major components:
- responsive grids to fit any kind of device using responsive design;
- CSS styles for major HTML elements: forms, tables, lists, navigation items;
- Java Script extensions (plugged individually) to allow additional functionality such as responsive images, carousel, sliders, accordions, modal windows;

Foundation, Bootstrap and framework's various extensions are now available as themes and modules for Drupal 7. Although both frameworks are relatively young, they can be both used for creating Drupal web sites and web applications with professional look.

This presentation will consist of three parts
- Introduction to Bootstrap & Foundation. Common features & differences.
- Quick brochure site from scratch with Bootstrap
- Quick yoga studio site from scratch with Foundation

That’s two sites in under an hour. If you can find a similar deal at any other presentation at Drupal South, we will give you the list of 12 alternative responsive front end frameworks for free.

Experience level: 



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