Making Your Front End Workflow Awesome [FEATURED]

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There are so many tools out there helping us making websites more quickly. There's yeoman, grunt, livereload, emmet, sass, alfred, bower, vagrant, phantomcss, and wow, yet another new, shiny, fancy tool! With all the differing screen resolutions, browser support, network speeds and other considerations buzzing around, jockeying for highest priority and attention during front end development, how do we have time to see what tools will work for our Drupal theme development processes while still finishing our projects on time? Let's take a look at those various tools. We'll see how they can integrate with our Drupal development processes, address responsive web design, review mobile-first development, discuss media queries organization, streamline our workflows with browser bookmarks and automatic page reloading, and show techniques for specific issues like sprites and using svg images with png fallbacks.

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