Features 101: A Beginners Guide To Configuration Management [FEATURED]

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Chances are, if you’re attending DrupalSouth, you’ve built a Drupal site. Chances are, if you’ve built a Drupal site, you’ve pushed it live for the world to see. Chances are, if you’ve pushed that site live, you might just need to upgrade it in the future. There are many ways to upgrade a live site, to add new features and functionality to that site, there’s no reason why you couldn’t just make those changes live… but why take a chance? You’ve probably heard of “Features”, or maybe even “Configuration Management”, but maybe you haven’t had a chance to to use it yet? Well here’s your chance. In this session you’ll be introduced to just what Features is and how to use it for the Configuration Management of your site. This talk is recommended for any site builder, no site is too small to benefit from Features.

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