Geospatial Drupal: Mapping Without Coding

This session uses my experience with the Openlayers & Leaflet modules in Drupal 7 to show you how easy it is to build content rich, dynamic, searchable, and filterable maps with little to no coding.

This session will take you from a Vanilla Drupal 7 instance, through the enabling of various modules and configuring them. It will show you how to build powerful maps without writing a single line of code, including how to use Apache Solr as a back-end to make your map content facetable and keyword searchable.

As an extra-for-experts, I'll explain how I used this in a large end-to-end business process. This includes abstracting the content into custom Entities using Entity API allowing me to bypass all of the overhead that nodes have in a large corporate website, while maintaining the power of Views, Apache Solr, and Openlayers/Leaflet.

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