I'm A Site Builder, Not A Nerd

Would you like to build Drupal websites from scratch when you are not a 'nerd', don't understand coding or PHP, you're not overly sure how to install modules and themes easily and it becomes all too hard?

Once those modules and themes ARE installed - what do you do with them?? How do you make them active? How do you place them where you want etc, etc.
What are Blocks? What do you do with them? How do you place them on a page?
This session would be ideal for those people who just want to get over the initial barriers of installing and understanding Drupal and 'make a website work'.

Site Building
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Well, sometimes it means the same. Anyways, drupal makes the job of a site builder much easier. When I was working on my project (view website), there was so much I didn't know or was confused about. But once I've got plugins and modules installed, everything became clearer and I could finally make a fine website!